Eslah Attar took this photo, find more of her work  here .

Eslah Attar took this photo, find more of her work here.



These days, I'm writing about environmental issues for the Santa Barbara Independent, a local alt-weekly. I previously reported for the science desk at National Public Radio in Washington, DC. And before that, I wrote about science, technology, and the environment as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow at WIRED.

My background is in engineering, but reporting checks my favorite boxes – researching an issue, asking questions, then contextualizing and communicating the answers. Also, I genuinely enjoy talking on the phone, a quality that I'm pleasantly surprised to wield as a career skill.

You can find my complete resume on LinkedIn, here

When I'm not looking at words on a screen, I like making things (lately ceramics and mezcal drinks), and looking at the world from hilltops.

If you've got a story tip, or you'd like to work together, feel free to drop me a line: menakawilhelm AT gmail DOT com.