NPR's Patti Neighmond reported this piece on vaccination reminders for flu shots; I interviewed Washington, D.C. residents to collect vox for the piece. It aired on Morning Edition on January 29, 2018.

NPR's Jason Beaubien reported this piece on a Rohingya woman, Sanura Begum, who fled Myanmar; I did the voice-over for her actualities. It aired on All Things Considered on February 8, 2018.

Although my day-to-day work as an intern at NPR focused on digital news, I took every chance I could to learn more about the craft of radio – from the best kind of billboard for a podcast to the difficulty of making sure that 'donut' or 'stay on the line' radio pieces remain clear to listeners.

I placed into NPR's audio production boot camp program (we were chosen based on a two-hour production test, where we had to lay-up and mix a four-minute produced piece). In the boot camp, I practiced writing introductions, questions and scripts for two-ways and tape and copy radio pieces. I also learned a lot more about collecting sound and laying up audio.

I love that sound provides more texture for reported work – so I'm excited to do more audio production soon.