Listen to these stories at the links below:

Voter registration for Tuesday’s election ‘shatters’ records in San Luis Obispo CountyKCBX, Central Coast Public Radio

Midterms 2018: San Luis Obispo mayoral raceKCBX, Central Coast Public Radio

L.A. Activist Transforms Ballot Measures Into HaikuKQED, The California Report

Central Coast Curious: How did mustard 'invade' our coast?KCBX, Central Coast Public Radio

Sea otters found to be “touch specialists”KCBX, Central Coast Public Radio

Wasting wastewater: new report identifies water recycling opportunitiesKCBX, Central Coast Public Radio

A couple other stories I contributed sound to:

NPR's Jason Beaubien reported this piece on a Rohingya woman, Sanura Begum, who fled Myanmar; I did the voice-over for her actualities. It aired on NPR’s All Things Considered on February 8, 2018.

NPR’s Patti Neighmond reported this piece on flu shots. I collected the person-on-the-street vox for the story. It aired on NPR’s Morning Edition on January 29, 2018.